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Lori Salch

Carolina Real Estate Company

333 Park Av SW

Aiken, SC 29801




Let me be the first to welcome you to Aiken, South Carolina! Whether you are considering moving your equestrian family here, looking for the perfect retirement retreat, or excited to upgrade your family home, please consider me your partner during this exciting time. Here, you’ll find information about this lovely community and me, a real estate agent, that is invested in helping you and your family find the perfect home. 

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How can Lori help?

Lori can help you in ALL aspects of your property buying or selling journey. Once you hire Lori, she can buy, sell, provide property valuation, stage your home, and many other things to make sure you get what you need. It doesn’t matter who a property is listed for sale by - even For Sale By Owner, Lori can represent you in all aspects of your purchasing journey.